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Dr. Dela Rose is a Harvard-educated oral surgeon with both dental and medical degrees. As an oral surgeon and physician, he has more training than any other dental specialty. His expertise includes complex mouth and jaw surgeries, wisdom teeth extraction, and dental implants.

Why See an Oral Surgeon Instead of My Dentist?

Oral surgeons have more training and experience than general dentists, particularly in mouth and jaw surgery. An oral surgeon can diagnose complicated dental health issues, create a treatment plan, and conduct all aspects of dental surgery efficiently and effectively. Surgery by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon rather than a dentist is typically less invasive with quicker recovery time.

After receiving a four-year dental degree, oral surgeons spend four to six additional years training in medicine, anesthesia, oral surgery, and implant dentistry. This intense, immersive training often results in a medical degree in addition to a dental degree. Among the procedures usually referred to oral surgeons are:

Because oral surgeons focus on surgery, they perform many more dental surgery procedures than general dentists. At Archstone Oral Surgery, we have complete surgical suites and a fully trained staff experienced in handling complex procedures and potential complications. They have received training in anesthesia, CPR, and advanced emergency care to ensure our patients’ safety at all times.

Although rare, there is always a risk of complications during oral surgery, including nerve damage, infection, and sinus damage. As an oral surgeon, Dr. Dela Rosa is adept at addressing these potential issues and quickly resolving them with expertise and compassion. When an invasive dental procedure is required, an oral surgeon is the safest option with the most successful outcomes.

Oral Surgery FAQs

Will you collaborate with my dentist?

Dr. Dela Rosa stays in contact with all referring dentists, consulting regarding appropriate care and keeping them informed of all aspects of your treatment plan and progress.

Do oral surgeons perform cosmetic procedures?

Oral surgeons are qualified to do cosmetic procedures relating to dental and facial issues.

What kinds of anesthesia are available?

 As an oral surgery office, we offer all types of anesthesia, from local anesthetics to IV sedation and general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia chosen is based on your overall health, the complexity and length of the surgery, and your level of dental anxiety. The entire staff is trained in all forms of dental anesthesia.

Do I need a referral to see an oral surgeon?

No. Dr. Dela Rosa is happy to consult with potential patients to discuss their oral surgery needs and concerns. Please call us at Archstone Oral and Facial Surgery Office Phone Number (415) 963-4121 to schedule an appointment if you require oral surgery and would like to have it performed at our office.

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